If you are looking for a “cover letter example” to make sure you don’t make any mistake, this is directly from an employer. In this video a vice president of human resources gives us a very good cover letter example. As you may know, human resources department in every company is in charge of initial review and screening of resumes and cover letters. So it’s very important to know what they’re looking for and what they want to see on our resume and cover letter. When we had the chance to sit with him at his office, first we thought we should ask about his general attitude towards the cover letter. He told us what a good cover letter is in his opinion.

Cover letter example should come from people in Human Resources department if indeed we want to rely on it. They are the ones who review our resumes and cover letters so as I said earlier we should go back to them and ask them what’s the best example of a cover letter.

In this case we went to a vice president of human resources and asked him exactly that question. He was quick enough to remind us of the importance of being relevant on our application and how we should link it all back to what the employer is asking for. But he did shine some light on what his practice is and in less than 1 minute he clarified the order in which he reviews our resume and cover letter. The best cover letter example is the one that comes from employers and I think this is the one.

Later in our conversation he gave some great examples of a cover letter. You should totally watch his entire interview, because it’s filled with really helpful information not only about the best examples of a cover letter but also the best resume and resume outline .

After listening to him, I thought maybe we should put the facts on the cover letter too. Just in case the employer looks at it before the resume. We should let them know why we’re exactly the best candidate both on the resume and the cover letter.

Here is what he said in the video, word for word:

My experience is that most hiring people, whether they are in the human resources or they are the department head, that they go to the resume first. so do you have the basic qualifications first, I asked for an accounting qualification, so you have it or you don’t have it, so on and so forth.

Then I go to the covering letter and I would be interested to see how you categorize things. but I do feel on covering letter, personally and I don’t think that it’s an uncommon feeling that I am being sold on the covering letter. What I really want to know is facts and then I would be more open to the sale!


There are other sources that you can find an example of a cover letter. I just mention a few of them here to save you time:

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Cover Letter Example
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